Serving Bellingham and  Whatcom County.

After taking a few years off to further our education, we have returned and are better than ever.

To our former clients… We remember back when we informed you that we had made the difficult decision to suspend our business, it was a sad affair for everyone. Well, we have returned with new skills in plant science and urban planning. We are very excited to put this new knowledge to use serving  you and new clients with the same personal care we have always given. We hope you are well and we have already heard from some of you and hope to hear from more!

To our future clients… we are so happy to meet you! Our passion for the environment, outdoor living, and beauty is here to serve you. We strive to strike a balance between all three. With all of the fantastic technology we have available to entertain us inside our homes we believe, that in general we don’t get outside enough anymore  (we are just as guilty as anyone else). We desire to expand Whatcom County homes out into our yards by creating enjoyable and usable spaces. Spaces that can be felt with all five senses and spaces that bring a sense of wonder with every change of season.

What to expect… If you already know us, then you can expect the same great services we offered in the past: landscape design, install, and maintanence with our personal touch. We are however adding in a few extras. We are very excited about productive gardens, therapy gardens, and outdoor entertainment. We are adding in services, for those that want them, that will educate you on how to “take ownership” of your gardens. We are adding in vegetable gardens and edible plantings too. Along with this our vegetable gardens will come with seasonal planting plans. We will be creating an educational blog and offering garden consulting and consultating too.